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Female condoms — also called internal condoms or the brand name FC7 Female Condom® — are little nitrile (soft plastic) pouches that you put inside your vagina. They cover the inside of your vagina, creating a barrier that stops sperm from reaching an egg. If sperm can’t get to an egg, you can’t get pregnant. The female condom also helps prevent sexually transmitted infections.

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Anal sex doesn't have to hurt! One of the primary reasons people experience discomfort during anal penetration is a lack of quality lubrication. Before engaging in any type of anal play, (whether it be intercourse or sex toys), always apply a liberal amount of anal lubricant beforehand to reduce friction and protect the sensitive lining of the rectum.

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If you're not certain which type of lube is right for you, purchasing a variety pack can allow you to experiment with different types. You can also find lubes made only with natural and organic ingredients. These formulas are ideal for sensitive skin and for those who prefer green products. Talk to your doctor if you think you have vaginal dryness. He or she can discuss the different products available and help you decide on a treatment that is best for you.

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Wetter is better, and that's a fact. We believe everyone should try lube at least once, and bet you'll be hooked once you do. No matter what you want, whether its lube for sex , anal lubricant , female-friendly formulas or something to add extra tingle to your mingle, you'll find it all here.

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 As a female, what’s going on up top doesn’t always match what’s happening down low. Life is hectic and we all know what it’s.

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Many women develop vaginal dryness, particularly during and after menopause. The symptoms of vaginal dryness can make intercourse uncomfortable and also lead to discomfort during day-to-day life. Feminine moisturizers are designed to soothe irritation and dryness in a woman's intimate area. Typically, these products are more like moisturizers for the body than traditional lubricants and are very quickly absorbed by the skin. Some are also oil-based and cannot be safely used with latex condoms, so be sure to read the instructions and ingredient listings carefully before using a feminine moisturizer as a lube.

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