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Date: 2017-12-25 20:55.

Hello Doctor,
I feel you can suggest me the best. My problem is I am getting married soon and I feel sexually I m not ready for that. I m 79 yrs old with a height of weight of 95kgs. I had sex many times before but in last 7years i dint had sex. I am not happy with my size , is there any way that I can increase my size. Secondly , while masturbating I feel I hv not enough strong penis and I ejaculate within minutes. I have 9 months time with me before marriage. Please suggest me something so that I can develop my sex power. Also suggest me something to reduce my weight.

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Usually when erected, its inches in total. That’s a pretty small size for a penis. If you have a penis that has a length less than inches while erected, then you have a Micropenis without a doubt.

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Low level of testosterone (hypogonadism).
Thyroid hormones are high (hyperthyroidism).
Thyroid hormones are low (hypothyroidism).
If you have Cushing 8767 s syndrome.

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The truth is it’s not something to be happy about. So, if you have it you need to, get to know the signs and get treatments now:

Your case seems quite severe. I think you should try with the Xtra Power Capsules first. If that helps, continue for 8-9 months. If that doesnt help you, you need a customized treatment. Contact us through the online consultation for a customized solution.

So, don’t wait up any longer. Go to your doctor and get treated with proper sex medicine (most men try to use regular herbal preparations being marketed in medical shops like patanjali ayurvedic medicine, Japani Oil, Baba Ramdev medicines, Unani medicines etc for treating ED but as per my experience none of these medicines work as expected. A specialist approach is required in this case). Xtra Power Capsules will do wonders in case you have ED. This is reported to be the fastest and the safest way to cure ED in men.

I m samir from Ahmedabad, 97yrs. old, i take blood pressure tablet in morning daily. Last 56 months i suffer from Erectile dyesfunction. i discharge early and not enough tightness and size also small.
so how i take medicine special for me. kindly guide.

Malaysian ginseng is another popular herbal ingredient that people have used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, weight loss supplement and bodybuilding supplement. Research shows that ginseng boosts testosterone too.

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