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Date: 2017-12-26 13:43.

Hi Reece,
The diet states that you should eat only whats shown or do without. Therefore if you don 8767 t like eggs, you can leave these out of the diet.
However as it is called the egg diet, eggs are a key ingredient in this diet and for the best results you should eat everything which is stated.
I hope this helps.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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It said on the diet that we can have juice. Does it has to be freshly squeezed?I am starting the diet 7day! I hope it will work 🙂

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Started diet yesterday, I 8767 ve done it before and lost weight on it. How do you recommend how to do scrambled eggs with no milk. Thanks

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The diet states that you should eat what is shown or do without. If you cannot eat bread you should leave this out of the diet.

I did the diet for 6 days, before starting I was and I ended up having a nandoes meal on the evening of the 6th day and after checking the next day I was so I dnt really get it any advice.. I didn 8767 t loose as much as it seemed in terms of appearance

It is not advised as the diet was not designed around individuals who do not eat meat, however by all means give it a go with fish or a vegetarian alternative. Do let us know how you get on. We wish you every success with the diet.

The diet states that no subtituting is allowed and you should only eat what is shown or do without. As you do not like or celery you should just remove this from the diet and do without.

Be prepared to be held accountable for people who could have really benefited from Plexus that aren 8767 t just like you.

Hi, I am going to try this diet for four days to lose some weight for my engagement party. For the juice is it freshly squeezed juice i buy or a carton from supermarket? Do i need to get unsweetened? Many Thanks

Halfway through day four ..breakfast this morning was welcomed. I have found that mid-afternoon is when I get slightly lightheaded. However I find a glass of juice seems to quash this very well. Each day I have added one hour 8767 s worth of walking nothing fancy, just a little bit more than a stroll a good brisk walk just for an hour and that seems to be helping. I can definitely see a difference in my shape watch this space for more details. Looking forward to my supper this evening grilled chops celery and cucumber, who ever thought that food could taste so good without all the dressings? The thought last night of lamb without mint sauce horrified me but it was great!!!! Will post tonight again hope you 8767 re enjoying reading this 🙂

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